What you need us for

Complex castings, such as cylinder heads, cylinder crankcases, electric motor housings, chassis parts or structural components consist of very complicated and often very thin-walled structures. Required cavities in these cast parts, such as oil return channels or water circuits for cooling in engine components, are formed in the casting process by sand cores, which can be easily removed from the component after the metal has solidified using desanding machines.

The more complicated the internal cavities are, the more complex the sand cores required. INACORE uses state-of-the-art core shooters to manufacture all types of sand cores using environmentally friendly, inorganic binder systems - from simple, large-volume sand cores to highly complex, thin-walled core structures.

In terms of sustainable and environmentally friendly production, INACORE produces sand cores from new sand and from regenerated sand.

The gentle cleaning of the tools using ultrasound technology results in high tool shot numbers combined with stable quality parameters and low manufacturing costs.