Welcome to INACORE

We supply foundries with inorganically bound sand cores and value efficiency, digitization and the highest quality standards. INACORE sees itself as a pioneer in "core production 4.0" and relies uncompromisingly on transparency through networking and data availability as well as resource conservation.

With tightening of emission limits for vehicles in accordance with the EU7 emission standard, particulate emissions from vehicle brake systems must be significantly reduced. The solution is brake discs with wear protection coating. With this in mind, INACORE expands their portfolio. It now also comprises the development, manufacturing and serial production of wear-reduced, coated brake discs.

Together with partners, INACORE has already developed brake disc coatings that meet the highest standards in terms of braking behavior, solidity and particulate emission. Following a successful nomination, INACORE will supply a major southern German automobile manufacturer with coated brake discs for serial production from mid-2026 with the start of the EU7 standard.