Exemplary solution – BMW core production

BMW's light metal foundry in Landshut trusts in the performance of INACORE. Since January 2018, INACORE has been supplying the BMW foundry with the complete core packages of a state-of-the-art, ultra-modern cylinder crankcase in series production.

INACORE manufactures the sand cores with the latest Laempe core shooters and delivers them directly to the BMW foundry's production. The hourly required quantities of sand cores are determined by inventory sensors in the BMW interim storage facility and delivered just in time as required.
INACORE is responsible for the timely manufacture and quality delivery of the sand cores required.

In the course of a BMW internal certification process, the performance of INACORE was checked, various performance and quality tests were carried out and found to be good. As a result, INACORE supplies the BMW foundry with all cores of the corresponding casting type as the sole manufacturer.